GPSmyCity: Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost

GPSmyCity: Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost

I'm a big fan of things that make life easier - especially when it comes to travel. So when the folks at GPSmyCity contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in partnering with them to turn my blog posts into GPS-enabled travel apps, I couldn't wait to get started.

Much of the fun in taking a vacation lies in the planning. Nothing gets me more excited than thumbing through the pages of a Lonely Planet book, or pouring over photos from a travel diary on one of my favorite blogs. But once you've reached your destination, who really wants to lug around a heavy guide book, or waste time (and often limited data) looking up information from that article you read weeks ago?

Insert GPSmyCity.

GPSmyCity is a free app that puts thousands of travel articles at your fingertips - and in your pocket. From neighborhood walking tours to restaurant and shopping guides to multi-day itineraries, you can select from a library of articles that cover over 600 cities worldwide. These are articles written by an extensive network of travel journalists and bloggers - oftentimes those who live, work and play in your destination. Simply enter your city of choice and start browsing! You can save any articles that interest you for easy offline viewing at a later date.

Traveling Overseas? 

If you're traveling to a foreign country, you may not have a local data plan or SIM card - which can make navigation challenging. This is especially true in Japan, where visitors are faced with a complex foreign language, nameless streets and an addressing system that bewilders even longtime residents. Without GPS, the search for that amazing ramen shop you read about will most likely only lead you to frustration and hangry-ness. 

Herein lies the best part about GPSmyCity: each article can be upgraded to include a GPS-enabled map with offline navigation functionality. For a small fee (US $1.99), the points of interest in your desired guide will be transformed into a detailed route map with turn-by-turn walking directions - all of which is accessible without an internet connection.

GPSmyCity will give you the shortest travel route to each of the sites listed in the article from your current location. Once you're on the move, it tracks your progress and provides directions to ensure that you don’t get lost. If at any point you'd like to reference information from the article - like which bowl of ramen the author recommends - it's all right there.

In Japan, a portable WIFI device will set you back upwards of $10/day - an unnecessary cost when you already have a personal tour guide in your pocket! If you do happen to have an international data plan or portable WIFI device, GPSmyCity ensures that you won't needlessly burn through your data allowance while navigating the city (leaving plenty of juice for your Insta habit).

Every single travel article in GPSmyCity's arsenal is eligible for a GPS-powered upgrade. With over 5,000 self-guided tour possibilities, you can navigate hundreds of cities at your own pace, in your own way - without having to pay top dollar for a tour guide.

A Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of my travel articles on GPSmyCity, I am giving away free upgrades on the following three guides during the first week of their launch (starting now!):

48 Hours in Hanoi
An Onsen Ryokan in Hakone
96 Hours in Hong Kong

To get your free upgraded app, click on the desired article(s) from your iOS device and follow the instructions to download the GPSmyCity app. You will then be redirected to the article's page, where you can select "Upgrade" to automatically link the app to an offline map with GPS navigation!

Note: Free upgrade will be available from Midnight PST Sunday, October 2 to Midnight PST Sunday, October 9, 2016.

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Note: If you decide to upgrade any of my articles, I earn a few cents from the sale. This helps to keep me out exploring and sharing my adventures with you!
Cinque Terre Photo Journal {And A Few Tips}

Cinque Terre Photo Journal {And A Few Tips}

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A Japanese Guesthouse in Naoshima